Steps to apply

The application: deposit his CV



Very easy ! you deposit in agency or send us by email, we only need your covering letter and your resume.

1) The covering letter:

It is a complement to your CV and explain briefly your job application.

You must prove to the interviewer that you can be useful to him and you are the one who need it.

Use clear language and...


... Write your letter on ONE SINGLE PAGE !!!!

It consists of three paragraphs:

* The premir must explain why you are writing to the company and not another
Show that you understand the expectations of society, explain what you will bring more of your usefulness, your desires
of change, tastes and professional interests.

* the second highlights your education (s), experience (s) and traits of your personality to exercise this position.

* the third summarizes your determination to get the job, ask the recruiter to meet with you to explain it in more detail your route;

You can use the salutation "waiting to meet you soon, please accept the assurances of my ... distingées greetings" ......



Conseils                         Our advice:

                                                  ... avoid the letters on multiple pages
                                                                    • Errors about the society
                                                                                    •  mistakes
                                                                                               •  tasks
                                                                                                          • Negative sentences
                                                                                                                      • standards sentences

2) CV

1. Be brief


• A resume is not an autobiography! It should fit on a page, its goal is to sell yourself for the job you want to win.

• Be honest.


2. Chronological
The order of information should be chronological: First write down what you did last. This is usually the most interesting part of your resume.

3. Justify the non-working time
This is very important! don't let holes in your resume. You took a sabbatical year ? Mention it. The employer may find it suspect. Think about the fact that the information that you mention in your resume must be verifiable.

4. Do not forget to mention your contacts


Generally, these informations are located in the upper left corner of the CV and must resume your address, phone number and e-mail

5. Also mention the experiences outside of work
Focus on skills, training, volunteering and other experiences that may be of interest or have value in the eyes of an employer.


6. Be professional
If you attach a photo to your resume, make sure it is taken on a neutral backdrop and gives you a serious and professional image.

7. Keep your goal in mind
It 's very important that your CV was well written. It can not contain any spelling errors. Otherwise, it will give the image of someone who does not pay much attention to detail. A strong and professional resume may convince the employer that you are able to do a great job.

8. Test your CV
Test your resume is a good idea. Let him read a few close friends or family members.